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Project Description
XAML Torrent is a WPF-based client which organizes multiple file transfer libraries/protocols under one user interface.

The project's design centers around a set of abstractions of "transfer tasks" and "transfer managers". The idea is to build a user-friendly, protocol independent GUI and provide various data transfer protocols (BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP, etc.) as plugins.

As of now support for these protocols is planned:
- URI-based protocols (HTTP, FTP, and anything else handled by System.Net.WebRequest)
- BitTorrent, via the MonoTorrent library (

As the initial work on the framework is completed more interesting protocols (SFTP) may be included.

The application's back-end framework currently under heavy development and faces constant design changes. Once that's more or less settled other the doors will be opened to other developers wishing to contribute to the project.

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